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Housing Service Review

Requested on
Mon 4th August, 2014
FOI 4768
Information provided


Under the Freedom of Information Act please disclose:

Whether you have undergone a diagnostic peer reviews of their housing options services, under the National Practitioner Support Service and administered by Winchester City Council (ie the Homelessness Gold Standard Scheme)
a. Your score (ie in percentage terms, what rating were you given for your homelessness service eg 68 per cent)
b. The presentation/document detailing all the results of your diagnostic peer review
c. Are you entitled to make an application for the homelessness gold standard following the peer review
d. If you have not completed the diagnostic peer review, are you planning to and when?
e. Have you exited the National Practitioner Support Service since joining


Charnwood Borough Council not undergone a diagnosic peer review; therefore -
(a) N/A
(b) N/A
(c) N/A
(d) Yes- date not yet set and is subject to us identifying suitable peer authorities
(e) No