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Requested on
Tue 5th August, 2014
FOI 4781
Information provided


Could I be informed how much the Council spends on the above ranging from newspapers to brochures, magazines etc. And any professional publications for each of the last two years.


The majority of spending on publications – much of which relates to expenditure on technical publications which have to be purchased each year (e.g. formal guidance from CIPFA for the annual accounts) -  is recorded against the Books and Periodicals code on our accountancy system; however there may be instances where publications are recorded against a different code, and while this information will be held as individual records on our accountancy system, it is not held in a manner which allows for easy collation of the data.  It would require officers to go through other accountancy codes line by line to collate the data, and this would exceed the appropriate limit for dealing with requests set out in section 12 of the Act and the Appropriate Limit and Fees Regulations.

Therefore I can provide you with the following figures recorded against the Books and Periodical code, but please be aware this may not represent the full spend across the last two financial years –
2012/13 – £18,652.97
2013/14 - £18,123.23