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Requested on
Tue 5th August, 2014
FOI 4782
Information provided


Could you provide me with the cost that the council spends on officers and members attending such for each of the last two years.


Conference attendance spending is recorded against the External Training and Seminars code on our accountancy system.  However while the figures recorded against this code do include conferences, it also includes spending on training sessions and accommodation (where applicable).  The time required to go through all the transactions to pick out solely the expenditure on conferences would exceed the appropriate limit for dealing with requests set out in section 12 of the Act and the Appropriate Limit and Fees Regulations.

Therefore I can provide the total costs recorded against the External Training and Seminars code, but as explained above the figures will also include trainings sessions and accommodation –
2012/13 - £79,280.09
2013/14 - £99,900.68