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Street Management Photos of Offences

Requested on
Thu 21st August, 2014
FOI 4864
Information provided


Please supply me with the photos taken of cars ticketed by traffic wardens for 'parked out of bay' offences over the past 12 months in Loughborough and Quorn -including today - 21 August 2014.


Having completed this assessment we have concluded that while we do hold some of the information you requested, it is exempt from disclosure under Section 40(2) of the Act and we will not, therefore, be able to supply it.  Section 40 of the Act covers personal data as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998 and requires the Council to process that information in accordance with the requirements of that Act.  If disclosure would breach one or more of the data protection principles then the information is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.
The information you have requested i.e. photos of the vehicles issued with out of bay parking fines, will show identifying information such as vehicle registration marks. 
The Information Commissioner has previously ruled that vehicle registrations can be defined as personal information, and the owners of those vehicles would not expect their information to be provided to the public in this way.  Providing this information would therefore breach the first principle of the Data Protection Act.  Please see decision notice FS50400949 for information:

Please note: Charnwood Borough Council is not responsible for on street parking enforcement, this falls under the authority of Leicestershire County Council as the Highways Authority.    Charnwood Borough Council issue fines for parking offences in council owned car parks.