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Section 106 Agreements

Requested on
Mon 25th July, 2011
FOI 1391
Information provided


Please provide a figure, annual figure for the last ten available years for the number of section 106 agreements agreed by the council. For the avoidance of doubt this figure should include the total number of contracts, whether they have been sealed or not, whether they are or remain in draft form or in pre-application form. For clarity, total number includes sealed or unsealed, concluded, draft and pre application.

Further please provide details on the number of contracts in breach or not yet performed, such that monies or obligations are owing to the council. Please provide details of the outstanding financial value or the obligations for each of the least ten available years.

Finally if any contracts have been renegotiated, please provide the number of renegotiated contacts per year for the last ten available years.


Thank you for your recent information request for information regarding Section 106 agreements which the Council has considered. 

However while the information requested is held by the Council in the form of individual agreements it is not held in a manner which enables the aggregated data you requested to be collated easily.  The time required to locate and retrieve information regarding section 106 agreements, whether they are sealed or not, whether they are or remain in draft form or in pre-application form, whether any are in breach or not or have been renegotiated would exceed the appropriate limit for dealing with requests set out in section 12 of the Act and the Appropriate Limit and Fees Regulations.  

I have however attached a pdf that was produced in February 2011 and shows all S106 agreements up to that point.  This document shows the value of each agreement and the date that the money was received if applicable.  Further details on the planning applications to which the s106 agreements are attached can be found by entering the ref number shown on the pdf document into the specific search option of our online planning explorer: