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Leaflet/Poster Spending

Requested on
Fri 11th February, 2011
FOI 1154
Information provided


Please could you provide the council’s most recent annual spending on leaflets/posters? If this data is not held separately from the advertising budget, then please provide that.


We are unable to separate the amount of money spent on leaflets and posters, so have, as requested provided the total spend for the current financial year to date, for advertising and publicity.  Also provided is the cost of printing and distributing Charnwood News ( to all households in the Borough.
For financial year 2010/11 - Total publicity spend to date - £32,878.64
For financial year 2010/11 - Total advertising spend to date - £37,389.70
For financial year 2010/11 - Total money spent on printing and distributing Charnwood news (3 issues) - £42,000