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Installation and Running Costs for Town Toilet Gates

Requested on
Mon 8th August, 2011
FOI 1406
Information provided


Please can you give me a break down of the cost of installing the new Paddle Gate charging systems in the Market Place and Biggin Street toilets in Loughborough. The break down should include cost of the equipment itself and the cost of installing the equipment.

Can you also explian what the running costs of the Paddle Gates are estimated to be per annum (ie collecting the money, maintenance etc).


The purchase and installation of the toilet control equipment for the three sites (Market Place, Biggin Street and Queens Park) amounted to a total of £81,095.  We are unable to provide a breakdown of the costs as we have only been provided with a total figure by the contractor.
Secure cash collection charges are £3,800 per annum
Maintenance charges over the life of current contract amounts to £27,000 over 3 years made up as £8,000 this year, £9,000 next year, £10,000 the year after.