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Vehicle Hire and Leasing Contracts

Requested on
Thu 29th September, 2011
FOI 1468
Information provided


Details of whom currently supplies the authority with both vehicle rental and vehicle leasing services, together with the monetary value of these contracts and there expiry dates


We currently have the 3 following vehicle hire/lease contracts
Specialist Fleet Services – (Long Term Contract Hire of Light and Medium Commercial Vehicles) Contract end 31 March 2015 - estimated value per annum £110,800.
Go Plant Ltd (GPL) – (Long Term Contract Hire of Grounds Maintenance ride on mowers and specialist equipment.) Contract ends 31 March 2015 - estimated value per annum £186,800.
Masterlease – (Lease of Mayor’s Car) Contract ends 14th November 2011 - cost of £4,719 per year.