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We've issued an updated statement following the incident in Birstall on Monday. If anyone has any housing issues following the incident, please contact Housing Needs on 01509 634567.

Breakdown of Special Expenses

Requested on
Fri 28th October, 2011
FOI 1504
Information provided


Please could you send me the breakdown of the 2011-2012 Special Expenses figure of £1,237,326 (figure obtained from the DCLG website) by geographic area / town / village, and please will you also indicate which of these geographic areas do not have a local council (i.e. parish or town council).


We only have a Special Rate for Loughborough where Charnwood Borough Council acts as the Town Council.  A breakdown of the expenditure can be found on page 6 of the Budget Book 2011/12 using the link below:

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