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Fleet Management Info

Requested on
Tue 15th November, 2011
FOI 1536
Information provided


Fleet management info


1 – is the repair and maintenance / fleet management / contract hire of your fleet undertaken internally or is this outsources? 
External providers

a)       if the above service / services are outsourced, who is your current provider? 
Fleet - SFS; Plant - GPL

b)      If you currently manage the above service / services internally, are there any plans to outsource all or some services to external providers?  If so when would this be likely to occur?

2 – Do you have your own maintenance facilities or is a third party maintenance facility used? 
3 – If the maintenance / fleet management / contract hire is contracted out to a third party, can you provide details on the term of the contract as detailed below:

a)       Start Date  1 August 2009
b)      Minimum and maximum end date(s)  31 March 2015
c)      Minimum and maximum duration of the contract  5 years 8 months

4 – The contract value for the length of the agreed term?  
Fleet figure £603,700
Plant and equipment figure £840,300

5 – Size of the fleet in operation including Cars / Vans / HGV 
2 HGVs
18 LGV vans/lorries
24 items of plant, mowers, tractors etc.

6 – I would also be interested in obtaining the contact details of your councils fleet manager for purposes relation to future correspondence .
Dave Woolsey 
Tel: 01509 634682