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Billing and Collections

Requested on
Fri 28th February, 2014
FOI 4013
Information provided


a As at main billing 2014?
b As at 1st April 2013?
c As at 1st April 2012?
d As at 1st April 2011?
e As at 1st April 2010?
Q3 What choice of payment dates do you offer customers? (i.e. 1st, 5th, 15th, 25th etc)
Q4 What choice of payment frequency do you offer customers?
a Weekly
b Fortnightly
c 4 weekly
d Monthly
e quarterly
f Half-Yearly
g Yearly
h Other (please specify)
Q5 Do you operate AUDDIS?
Q6 Do you offer Paperless Direct Debit?
a By Phone?
b Online?
Q7 "What incentives do you offer to customers for paying by Direct Debit?
i.e. Discounts, prize draws, additional payment dates, etc"
Q8 "What marketing material will you be sending with annual bills for the year 2014/15 to encourage Direct Debit take-up?
Please attach PDF examples where possible"
Q9 Are you aware of Bacs' free marketing consultancy service ?
Q10 Have you carried out any propensity or attitudinal surveys to help you reach those customers not currently paying by Direct Debit?
Q11 How many Direct Debit transactions have you collected to date during the financial year 2013/14?
Q12 How many were returned unpaid during 2013/14?
Q13 What percentage of unpaid direct debits in 2013/14 were ‘refer to payer’?
Q14 What action does your authority take when receiving a 'refer to payer' unpaid item?
a Cancel the direct debit immediately
b try to re-collect on a different payment date within the month
c try to re-collect with the following months payment
d Ask the customer to pay the missing instalment by other means but keep the account on direct debit
e Other (please specify)
Q15 How many indemnity requests have you received to date in 2013/14?
Q16 Do you use SMS Text messaging to remind customers of direct debit payments / advise of changes to amounts / dates ?