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Car Parking and Street Fair Accounts

Requested on
Wed 23rd November, 2011
FOI 1559
Information provided


Thankyou once again for information previously provided. My further request is for the car parking figures for a whole year: 1st November 2010 to 31st October 2011. I appreciate the work involved but without this 'complete picture' encompassing seasonal trends, weather fluctuations and holiday periods the data already collected has limited value and is open to misinterpretation.

A second request which is linked to the work I am doing is for a full, detailed and robust financial account for the annual street fair for this year. In the 'debits' column all expenditure incurred by both the Borough and County Council needs listing (labour costs can be estimated for staff not on hourly rates), plus loss of retail market income. In the 'credits' column income from the 'Fair' itself.


Regarding the first part of your request, please find attached a spreadsheet which shows the monthly sales figures for each tariff at each car park in Loughborough from October 2010 to October 2011.

For the second part of your request, we are unable to provide the costs for this years Loughborough Street Fair, as not all costs have been accounted for yet, and therefore the full costs are not currently held.  The budgeted expenditure for this years fair is: £71,900.00, with expected income of £86,100.00. 

Holding the Loughborough Market on two days would generate an average of £6000 income, however this does not take into account the costs to the council associated with putting on the market over the two days.  Where the market is not held due to the fair, it is not counted as a loss of revenue as the annual fair is taken into account when setting the Markets budget.