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Con29 Info Owners

Requested on
Wed 28th December, 2011
FOI 1602
Information provided


Personal Search Data re Access to Con29R and Con29O form Information request under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000

Please accept this request (under the above mention Acts) to provide the following access information (see below), to all Con29R and Con29O form questions, by completing the attached spreadsheet.

· Source of Data / Records E.g. Land Charges. Please also provide full contact details
· Data Owner / Access E.g. Land Charges. Please also provide full contact details
· Format & Delivery Method E.g. Electronic format via email (or website), Paper format via physical inspection, etc c. Please provide full details, incl. relevant links to website
· State effective date re provision of information/data E.g. Planning records from [date], Building Control Data from [date], local Plan adoption [Date(s)], etc
· Cost (1), if applicable or Nil under EIR
· Lead Time (2). i.e. No. of days (to be same as that provided to council searchers)
· Any additional information / comments


Attached is the completed spreadsheet showing who provides what information in relation to CON29 requests.

Land Charges searches are carried out by the Land Charges team, who will request and collate the information from various services both internal and external.  The charges for this service are set out on our website at:  

The implementation of the Land Charges Computer system has enabled the Council ensure that all standard search applications are returned within the 10 working day Best Value Performance Indicator and in almost every case search applications are now being returned in 4 working days.

Where requests are made under the Environmental Information Regulations, these requests are processed by the Governance and Scrutiny Research team.

As you will note from the spreadsheet, Leicestershire County Council hold all information relating to highways, footways, footpaths and traffic.           If you would like me to transfer your request to the County Council please let me know.