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Public Health Funerals

Requested on
Mon 24th March, 2014
FOI 4141
Information provided


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I write to request the names of all Public Health Funerals carried out by your Authority between 1st July 2013 and the date of your response.

Please supply the following information in relation to each such estate:-

1) The full name of the deceased

2) The date and place of the funeral or the date of death

3) The approximate value of the estate

4) Whether next-of-kin have been traced


1) MR Samuel Brown
2) 27/8/2013 – Loughborough Crematorium – DOD – 24/7/2013
3) Unknown as lived in secured flats
4) No next of kin

1) Mr Reginald Oram Morris
2) 10/10/2013 Loughborough Crematorium – DOD 23/8/2013
3) None
4) No next of kin

1) Mr Michael Broughton
2) 12/2/2014 Loughborough Crematorium – DOD 16/1/2014
3) None
4) No next of kin