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Bill of Exchange Act

Requested on
Mon 14th January, 2013
FOI 2600
Information provided


Council Bill - Bills of Exchange Act 1882

Under the FoIA I wish to know if the council tax bill produced and issued by the council conforms with the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 all recorded information you hold is required. If your council bill does not conform please give the reasons why.

The Act clearly defines a Bill of Exchange in Section 3 as:
"A bill of exchange is an unconditional order in writing, addressed by one person to another, signed by the person giving it, requiring the person to whom it is addressed to pay on demand or at a fixed or determinable future time a sum certain in money to or to the order of a specified person, or to bearer."

Any "Bill" that fits this definition is then legally bound to act within the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 irrelevant of other legislation unless the said Statute repeals the Bill of Exchange Act in some way.

This is clearly not the case as the The Local Government Finance Act 1992 has not and does not repeal any part of the Bills of Exchange Act 1882.


The council does not hold any information in relation to your request.
The Bills of Exchange Act has no bearing on the Local Government Finance Act 1992 (and subsequent legislation), which regulates the billing and collection of Council Tax. On that basis, a Council Tax bill does not need to conform with the Bills of Exchange Act 1882. 

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