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Metric Prices

Requested on
Mon 21st January, 2013
FOI 2624
Information provided


The following webpage:
says "the annual rent for an allotments is £0.144 per square yard
(or £0.172 per square metre)."

I understand the law requires prices to be metric and permits a
non-metric equivalent to be given but only when secondary to a
primary metric price. Thus in the above case, compliance with the
law might be achieved by simply reversing the order.

Specific requests:
1. Please provide a list of fees and charges where the primary
price is a non-metric unit (e.g. per inch, per foot, per yard, per
gallon). The list need not include units of time such as per hour,
per day, per session. I looked at your website and failed to find a
document listing all your fees and charges.

2. Are you able to use metric units for all fees and charges for
financial year 2013/2014, even if a secondary non-metric equivalent
is given?


Market Stalls and additional space at the markets are charged by the foot:
Cemetery graves are charged by grave type, however the description on the grave size is given in feet:
Other charges listed on our website show the unit (where applicable) as a metric measurement as the primary unit

All relevant services have been advised on the use of metric over imperial units.