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Financial Arrangments

Requested on
Tue 29th January, 2013
FOI 2658
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FOI Questions

· For the complete suite of council financial services (transactional banking and investment), which *provider(s) does the Council currently use, and how many individual accounts are held with each listed financial services provider? (2010/11 and 2011/12 financial years).

· How frequently are the various financial services procured, and when is the existing arrangement due to end (month/ year) - for each listed provider?

· What was the average balance(s)/ cap on investment(s); of accounts held with each listed provider as at last audit? (for transactional & investment banking).

· Please provide the specific procurement criteria and weighting that the council uses to assesses and procures financial services.

· Detail if, and how, the procurement criteria, weighting, and assessment process has been reviewed and modified, to give effect to Best Value Guidance and the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 to maximize public socio-economic value via procurement.

*Please include relevant data for credit unions, building societies, local, mutual, ethical & high street retail/ investment banks, treasury management services, as well as funds with Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lenders.


3. This information is available from the Treasury Management Strategy and Treasury Management Strategy mid-year review, which are available on our website:

Treasury Management Strategy:

Mid-year strategy:

The Council uses a range of banks and other institutions for our cash management as set out in the Treasury Management Strategy and this will vary depending on which institutions fulfil our investment criteria and the level of funds that we need to place.  The criteria are set out in the Treasury Management Strategy and the mid-year review includes details of the investments at 30th September 2010 and 30th September 2012.

4. Score Card attached

5.  See 5. above.