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Youth Services

Requested on
Mon 4th February, 2013
FOI 2681
Information provided


1 How much money has the council cut from youth services in each year since 2009/10?
2 How many youth clubs did the council fund in each of the following years: 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14?
3 Since 2009/10, how many youth clubs a) has the council closed and b) have closed in the local authority area as a result of having council funding withdrawn?
4 For each year since 2009/10 how many young people a) accessed the council's youth services, b) achieved a recorded outcome and c) achieved an accredited outcome for their participation in positive youth activities as part of the councils youth service provision?
5 How many young people did the council record as NEET in each year since 2009/10?
6 How many first time youth entrants to the criminal justice system were there for each years since 2009/10?


Following the above information request I am able to provide the following information.  Unfortunately the Council is not responsible for youth services.  Leicestershire County Council is responsible for youth services in Charnwood, therefore I would suggest that you forward questions 1 and 3 -6 to the County Council.  If you would like me to transfer your request to the County Council please let me know.

Regarding question 2, the council may have awarded grant money towards existing youth clubs through various grant schemes, however please could you define what you would include as a youth club, so that we could accurately look at what grants have been made?