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Planning Appeals

Requested on
Mon 18th February, 2013
FOI 2719
Information provided


Could you please send me a breakdown of costs concerning the appeals that the Council has had to fight relating to applications for housing developments in the Charnwood area, in particular, the recent Bramcote road appeal which took place last October. . Could you please also include estimated costs of any ongoing appeal cases. Does the Council have to pay the appellants' costs if they win their appeal? Am I right in thinking that the appeals are funded from Council tax funds?


In 2012/13, Charnwood Borough Council has spent £87,500 on three planning appeals relating to Bramcote Road, Loughborough; Iveshead Road, Shepshed; and Melton Road, Barrow. There are no costs being incurred inconnection with any on-going appeals.

The appellant's costs are not paid by the Council in the event that the appeal is lost. The appellant does have the right to submit a cost claim if it is considered the Council's unreasonable behaviour has resulted in unnecessary costs. No such claim was made in respect of the above appeals.

The breakdown for the appeal at Bramcote Road, Loughborough is £11,352 for legal costs; approximately £7,100 for expert planning witness; and £1,750 for room hire and audio equipment.

The appeal costs are met from within the Planning service budget - essentially from the income received from planning fees.