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Software Services

Requested on
Thu 21st February, 2013
FOI 2732
Information provided


1) Please confirm whether you receive services from any of the following providers and if so, the nature of that service (software product, service etc), the year in which the you first engaged with that provider?
a. Capita Plc
b. Northgate Public Services
c. Civica

2) Please confirm the date at which you first engaged the services of the relevant providers above and any documentation associated with their appointment including:
a. Details of any competing offers received at the time of their appointment including price
b. Any presentations received through the RFP / tender process
c. Any minutes from the meetings discussing the RFP / tender process and dictating the decisions taken

3) Please provide copies of any contracts governing provision of the services and the following details for either the last two available financial years or the last 24-months:
a. License fees paid
b. Maintenance fees paid
c. Licenses cancelled
d. Maintenance contracts cancelled

4) Please confirm whether you share the services provided by the companies listed above with another council? If so, what services do you share?

5) Please confirm whether you are currently in the process of replacing any of the services with the providers listed above, timing of that replacement and reasons for their replacement

6) Please provide contact details for the relevant person tasked with management of the relationship with each provider


1) Capita Plc provide the administration of Benefits, Revenues and Business Rates for the Council.

2) Capita have provided this service since February 2010. 

The procurement originally resulted in 3 companies being short-listed to submit a best and final offer (Capita, Liberata and Vertex).  At the time of appointment only Capita submitted a best and final offer.

The minute of the Cabinet decision to award the contract is attached.

3) The value of the contract is £3.2million per year for 10 years with an option to extend the contract for a further 5 years.

4) The service is not shared with any other council.

5) The Council is not in the process of replacing this service.

6) The person with responsibility for managing the contract is David Platts, Head of Revenues, Benefits and Customer Services (telephone 01509 634850, e-mail