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Supported Housing

Requested on
Thu 28th February, 2013
FOI 2754
Information provided


Under the Freedom of Information Act, how much supported housing does the Local Authority currently operate or commission by individual property; and, 2 how many of these are monitored ‘dry’ accommodation free from drugs and alcohol?

By BY supported housing I mean local authority accommodation into which people are placed which is shared with other people. For example, they have room to themselves on a corridor with other people being housed by the council. People housed in such properties tend to be from vulnerable groups, e.g., those with addiction issues, homelessness, and young parents. A half-way house is terminology used sometimes used.

2) The question refers to whether any of the above properties run or commissioned by the local authority are monitored to ensure illicit drugs and alcohol are not being taken and used into the home, and how many of the above properties permit alcohol and do not check for illicit drug abuse.

3) My request refers to all relevant properties run by the local authority. The local DAAT should hold this information or the housing team.


Charnwood Borough Council do not operate or commision any properties which fit these descriptions.