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Died No Next of Kin

Requested on
Thu 2nd January, 2014
FOI 3748
Information provided


The names of all Public Health Funerals estates passed or in the process of being referred (pending referral) to the Treasury Solicitor (BV) Department, Duchy, QLTR, NUHU since July 2013
1. The full name of the deceased
2. The date of death
3. The date of birth and place of birth
4. Last known address
5. Approximate value of estate (if not exempt)
6. Date of referral
7. Department, staff member name and full address of who made the referral.


There has been one case in Charnwood, where an estate has been passed to the Treasury Solicitor:
1.  Samuel Keith Brown
2.  Dates of death – 24/7/2013
3.  DOB - 4/6/1938 Place of birth - 78 Woodgate Drive, Birstall, Leicestershire
4. Usual address at time of death – as above
5. Approx. value of their estate if known - unknown
6. Referral11/10/2013
7. Brandon Fisher, Private Sector Housing, Charnwood Borough Council, Southfields, Loughborough