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Energy Display Certificates

Requested on
Tue 2nd April, 2013
FOI 2845
Information provided


Full address details of any property within your authority which does not have a current DEC as required by the EPBD regulations.
Further to this request, but not as part of it, we are aware that there are many authorities that do comply with the regulations and indeed use DECs in a constructive way to help improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and reduce costs. If your authority is one of these we would be very interested to receive any information you are prepared to share with us to evidence the benefits of the constructive use of DECs. It would be our intention to highlight and congratulate such authorities in the public domain, subject to their agreement of course.
We should be grateful if you would also indicate the state of readiness in your authority to comply with the extension of the EPBD regulations to cover public buildings that exceed 500 square metres (previously the lower limit was 1,000 square metres) with effect from January 2013.


All DECs are in place where there is a requirement to hold them