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Tax and Rent Setting

Requested on
Wed 3rd April, 2013
FOI 2847
Information provided


I am undertaking research into patterns of council tax and housing rent setting.

I would like, preferably in Excel spreadsheet form, the records your authority holds on the charges for all tax bands and average rent charged in as many financial years as you can provide – preferably all of them.

I would like you to denote on the spreadsheet the financial years in which council elections were held (NB: excluding by-elections and other anomalies; I am referring only to the years in which scheduled elections took place).

Where possible, state the political group in overall control of the council at its annual meeting in each of the years for which figures are provided (or state no overall control, where applicable). To be clear, this would usually confirm the political group responsible for setting rent and tax for the subsequent year. Please do not refuse the request in its entirety on the basis of being unable to answer only this part of it.

If your authority does not have responsibility for housing stock, please ignore only this aspect of the request. If your authority was formerly responsible for setting rent, please provide all relevant data up to that point.

If for some reason your figures for tax include affiliated authorities (such as police and fire authorities), please make this clear.


I have attached a spreadsheet which details the information you have requested, across the financial years we have available.
As you did not respond to my request for clarification below, I have just included the Base Rates for Council Tax – this is what is agreed at Full Council.  If you did require the information to include the Parish precepts these can be found on our council reports; the links below will take you to the Council reports.