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Radical Options

Requested on
Wed 3rd April, 2013
FOI 2849
Information provided


Q1a. Does your council have a Working Party exploring RADICAL OPTIONS for responding to the continuing funding reductions? YES/NO

Q1b. If yes, please provide an email address for the person chairing that Working Party

Q2. If your Council is exploring any of the RADICAL OPTIONS listed above, please could you
• give a very brief outline description of each initiative and
• state how much savings &/or income you hope to achieve through each initiative in 2013/14
• Illustrative Example: 'Anytown Council is selling Legal advice services to 3 councils and also some local companies, £0 savings 2013/14 but new income 2013/14 £100,000 [estimate]. Anytown Council has also set up a Local Authority Trading Company (specialising in Highways Maintenance, Building Control, Pest Control, Building Cleaning) from which the Council estimates it may receive £500,000 in 2013/14 profits.'

Q3. If there are there any Council reports available that summarise these sorts of RADICAL OPTIONS, please send a copy (or web link to it).


The Council has looked a variety of different options:
In September 2011 the councils Cabinet agreed that an active review of all of the Council’s services would be undertaken to consider alternative methods of service delivery.  The follow up report which went to Cabinet in August 2012 and set out the findings of the review can be found at the following link:
Following the Alternative Methods of Service Delivery report, Planning and Regeneration have looked at a review of the service:
One of the outcomes of the Alternative Methods of Service Delivery report was the outsourcing of the Green Spaces service.  Further details can be found in the Cabinet report (link below):
In planning in January 2012 it was agreed to charge for pre application advice:
In June 2012 the councils Cabinet agreed to bring the management of the housing stock back in-house; the housing stock had previously been managed by an Arm’s Length Management Organisation (ALMO).  A link to this report can be found below: