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Council Tax Support Scheme

Requested on
Wed 8th January, 2014
FOI 3767
Information provided


I would like to request the following information relating to the local council tax support scheme (sometimes referred to as council tax reduction) in your area:
Does your local authority intend to change its council tax support scheme for 2014/15? (yes/no/undecided)
If the scheme for 2014/15 is yet to be decided can a date be provided as to when this decision will take place?
If it has been decided to change the council tax support scheme for 2014/15 can you provide full details of how the new scheme will differ from the scheme for 2013/14?


Charnwood Borough Council’s Council Tax Support Scheme will remain the same except that the 8.5% cap in 2013/14 will increase to 15% 2014/15