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Notice of Public Health Funerals

Requested on
Tue 23rd April, 2013
FOI 2912
Information provided


I would like to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act regarding public health funerals which have taken place from September 2012 to the date of your reply.
For each funeral provide details which include answers to the following questions:
Does the council publish details of public health funerals in newspapers/public notice sections? Such as the obituaries section of a newspaper? Or any other public notice section or a newspaper?
Please provide details of which newspaper and/or which section these obituaries are published in and which council officer or department within the council sends these details to the newspaper/public notice sections?
Date of death of the deceased?
Name of the deceased?
Place of death/last known address?
Place of birth/date of birth?
Marital Status?
Have the next of kin have been traced?
Estate value? (if known)
The date on which the details will be referred to the Treasury Solicitory (or QLTR, Duchy or National Ultimus Haeres within their jursidictions) or any other public authority for further investigations?


There have been no public Health funerals carried out in Charnwood since September 2012.
Charnwood Borough Council do not publish details of public health funerals in any newspapers