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Markinson Charging

Requested on
Tue 7th May, 2013
FOI 2964
Information provided


Does your Council comply with the Markinson charging provisions for
providing copies of environmental information?

If not, please provide: details of your actual charges and charging
schedule plus all recorded information (including Committee and Officer
Reports) showing the factors whereby such a decision was made and, by
reference to standing orders/ delegated powers ,the authority of the decision
maker to decide Council policy in this instance.

Could you also please advise me of the dates of any subsequent reviews of decisions on charging for environmental information and provide a copy of all documents showing relevant considerations?


When FOI and EIR requests are received by the Governance and Scrutiny Research team, the following policy on charging fees applies; the policy also complies with the Markinson Charging provision:

5.0 Charges
We anticipate that most requests for information will be processed free of charge. If charges are required they will be kept to a minimum and we can only recover the relevant costs of postage, printing and photocopying. Where the applicant indicates that he or she is not prepared to pay the fee notified in any fees notice given to the applicant, the Council will consider whether there is any information that may be of interest to the applicant that is available free of charge.