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Assaults on Refuse Collectors

Requested on
Tue 21st May, 2013
FOI 3008
Information provided


1. In the last financial year 2012/13 how many incidents did your authority record where refuse collectors were assaulted by members of the public while carrying out council duties? Please give a brief description of the circumstances of the incident.

2. How many working days were lost by refuse collectors during the financial year 2012/13 as a result of injuries connected with assaults from members of the public while carrying out council duties?

NOTE: By refuse collectors I mean all employees whose main duties are involved in the collection of rubbish (all types) from homes and businesses with your authority.

NOTE: If the refuse collection duties are carried out by a third party company hired by the council the information is still HELD by the council, because it is information held on your behalf.


There were no assaults on refuse collectors by members of the public in Charnwood in 2012/13