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We've issued an updated statement following the incident in Birstall on Monday. If anyone has any housing issues following the incident, please contact Housing Needs on 01509 634567.


Requested on
Mon 12th August, 2013
FOI 3263
Information provided


Question 1: Have you or are you involved in any procurement that is currently being placed through the G-Cloud procurement platform?
Question 2: What is the main advantage of G-Cloud from your point of view?
Question 3 : What is the main disadvantage of G-Cloud from your point of view?
Question 4: To what extent do you agree with this statement: ‘Data sovereignty, e.g. where my data is stored, is a major concern for me’
Question 5: If you currently use a cloud services provider, how familiar are you with the security systems currently in place to protect your data?


Charnwood Borough Council do not use G-Cloud for any procurement activity.  We do not hold any information in relation questions 2 to 5.

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