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Fri 16th August, 2013
FOI 3286
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1. who own the council
2. who are the council liable to


1. who own the council

Charnwood Borough Council was established under the Local Government Act 1972.
Section 1(4) is the section which includes establishing Charnwood as a district.
Section 2(3) sets out the status of the organisation that is “Each council mentioned in subsection (1) or (2) above shall be a body corporate”, which in simple terms means the Council is a legal entity in itself.

2. who are the council liable to

Just like any legal entity, be it a public body, private company or individual, Charnwood Borough Council is subject to the law laid down by Parliament (including EU directives and international treaties).   Compliance with the law is judged in the Courts.   Corporate bodies are required by law to ensure good corporate governance and to that extent the Council has an internal audit function and a Monitoring Officer to ensure standards and probity.   The Council is also obliged to appoint external auditors.