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CCTV Enforcment

Requested on
Fri 20th September, 2013
FOI 3383
Information provided


1) For each of the past five years, how much has the local authority spent on CCTV enforcement vehicles?
2) How many CCTV enforcement vehicles have been purchased and what is the total size of its fleet?
3) What revenue from fines for parking and traffic contraventions has the council generated in each of the last five years?


Further to my acknowledgement below I am able to provide the following information in relations to CCTV enforcement vehicles – Charnwood Borough Council does not have any and have not spent any money on
CCTV enforcement vehicles in the past 5 years.

Regarding parking and traffic contravention fines, please could you clarify whether these are just in relation to those found via CCTV enforcement vehicles - which would be nil, or whether you would like figures for all  fines?

Please note that Charnwood Borough Council only collect fines for parking violations within council owned car parks; Leicestershire County Council collect fines for on street parking and traffic contraventions.