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Motorhomes Parking Information

Requested on
Fri 27th September, 2013
FOI 3408
Information provided


Between 2006 and 2009 I wrote to all local authorities in the UK seeking information about the availability (or not) of parking for motorhomes. I used the information to build a web site,, the main aims of which were to direct motorhome drivers to places where it is safe and legal for them to park and to direct motorhome drivers away from areas where they might encounter difficulties or cause difficulties for others. The aims were based on the premise that it is as important for people to know where parking of motorhomes is not possible as it is to know where they can go - drivers wish to avoid frustration and local authorities do not want their roads clogging up with large vehicles looking for non-existent facilities.

I also recognised that such information was subject to change and would require maintenance so at the back of my mind I had hoped that authorities would publish their responses on the parking pages of their own web sites (I used to recommend such a practice when I worked as a Freedom of Information Officer in local government as it means that subsequent similar enquiries can simply be answered by reference to the web site). When I first started only one or two authorities published motorhome parking information but I am pleased to see that, currently, almost 25% of authorities (about 90) do so.

For various reasons (explained on my web site) I have changed its focus to point to parking information published on local authority sites. Where information is published regarding where motorhomes may or may not be parked I have added an appropriate note. In cases where specific information is absent I have recommended to readers that they check with the authority concerned before attempting to park.

My records show that your authority told me, when I enquired, that motorhome parking was possible in some areas and not others but I note that your authority does not publish information specific to motorhome parking on the web site. I suggest that it would be in the interests of the authority to make such publication (as noted in my second paragraph above), especially in the current economic climate of needing to make savings in staff time wherever possible. Could you please tell me whether your authority has plans to publish motorhome parking information in future and, if so, when that might come about. I look forward to hearing from you.


I can provide the following information in relation to your enquiry:
Charnwood Borough Council does not currently offer any spaces specifically for Motorhomes in our public car parks and there are currently no plans to update our website information.

We may allow large vehicles to park across two bays in our pay and display car parks: providing 2 parking tickets were displayed, it does not cause an obstruction and the vehicle is parked safely. However it would always best to phone ahead and check with our officers for further advice. Contact details for our Street Management service are available on the Parking pages of our website.