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Waste Contracts

Requested on
Mon 30th September, 2013
FOI 3414
Information provided


I wish to submit a freedom of information request to the organisation with regards to their current recycling and waste support and maintenance contracts.
Examples of recycling contract you could have:
• Green Waste Disposal
• Household Waste Recycling Centres
• Refuse Recycling Street Cleaning
• Recycling Collection Services

Examples of waste management contract you could have:
• Waste Development Environmental Assessment
• Waste Transfer & MRF (Materials recovery facility)
• Waste Disposal Landfill
• Bulky Waste

For each of the types of contract above please can you send me :
1. Contract Type- From the examples given above please state what type of contract this is. Please state other and type of contract if the type of contract is not listed above. In some cases the organisation will have one or two big contracts that is covered in a managed contract please state in the contract description what services the contract provides as well.
2. The supplier of the recycling or waste contract
3. What is the annual average spends for each of the suppliers. For those organisations with new contracts can you please specify the estimated spend?
4. A brief description of what the contract entails. Please to specific to the services provided under these contract(s).
5. What is the contract duration of the each of the contract(s)?
6. What is the start date of each contract(s)?
7. What is the expiry date of each contract(s)?
8. When does the organisation intend to review these contract(s)
9. Who is responsible for reviewing this contract please send me their full name, actual job title, contact number and their direct email address.
Even if the organisation has a managed contract please can you send me all the contract information I have requested including the contact details.
If this contract has just been award within the last six months can you please send me information on the shortlist of suppliers that bid on the contract?


We have two contracts the Environmental Services Contract covering Waste, Recyling and Street Cleaning and Green Waste Contract.
Environmental Service Contract is with Serco
Start Date 01 August 2009
Finish Date 31 March 2017 with the possibility of a 7 year extension.
Annual Cost estimated at £4,900,000.
Person Responsible for contract review - Head of Environmental Services – Neil Greenhalgh,, Tel 015009 634695
Green Waste Contract is with W T Clarke
Start date 1 April 2011
Finish Date 31 March 2015
Annual Cost estimated at £80,000.
Person Responsible for contract review - Head of Environmental Services – Neil Greenhalgh,, Tel 015009 634695

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