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Soil Pipes

Requested on
Wed 30th October, 2013
FOI 3520
Information provided


I will be building a porch on the front of my property which is to house a downstairs toilet. Unfortunately neither the plans I have nor an inspection of my property by both builder and architect have managed to show where the soil/sewage pipe/manhole access is within the border of my property.

Could you please forward me a plan (email is fine, no need to waste paper) of the sewage pipes.

My address is:

17 Ennerdale Road
Barrow Upon Soar
LE12 8PU

I attach a plan from Severn Trent of the sewage pipes for the street showing my property to aid in matching up the correct location.


Unfortunately the microfiche for the original build of the property is of very poor quality and we cannot determine if the plans show the location of the drains.

The microfiche can be viewed in person at the council offices;  If you wish to view them, please contact the Building Control team on 01509 634755.