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Open Spaces Management

Requested on
Thu 17th April, 2014
FOI 4281
Information provided


I should like to request data on how much your council spent in pounds sterling on maintenance of:

a) public parks
b) public beaches (should you authority have one or more)

in FY 2010/11, FY 2011/12, FY 2012/13 and FY 2013/2014


Charnwood Borough Council does not have any beaches.
The figures below are the spending on our public parks only – they do not include any wildlife areas, playing fields etc.
2010/11 – £1,174221.08
2011/12 – £885,399.89
2012/13 – £694,556.26
2013/14 – £721,800.00 (please note this figure is the budgeted figure as accounts for 2013/14 have yet to be finalised).