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Requested on
Wed 7th May, 2014
FOI 4372
Information provided


I am seeking information about any remuneration or benefits-in-kind received by the Mayor of your council. This might include such things, for example, as use of a car and/or driver, expenses etc.

Please could you provide an itemised list of these benefits and their cost equivalent, broken down annually for the past three years up to the time this request is answered. The years may be financial or calendar, whichever is convenient, but please keep them consistent.

If the use of a car is one of these benefits please can you specify the make and model.

I would prefer to receive this information electronically, and if possible in a spreadsheet format.


There is an allowance paid to the Mayor, 20% of which is paid in their year as Deputy Mayor, which precedes their year as Mayor and 80% in their year as Mayor.  The total amount of the allowance has been £4,772 for each of the past three Council years.  In the attached spreadsheet this is shown as being split between the outgoing Mayor, the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor as the figures are for the financial year rather than the civic year.

The attached spreadsheet also gives the amounts paid for the Mayor to attend external events and make donations and to reimburse expenses for each of the last three financial years.

The Council leases a car which is used by Council officers to drive the Mayor to and from engagements.  It is not made available for the general use of the Mayor.  Until November 2011 this was a Volvo S80 (lease cost £4,704 pa) and since then it has been a Skoda Superb (lease cost £3,960.60 pa).