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Parking Overpayment

Requested on
Wed 28th May, 2014
FOI 4462
Information provided


I would like to know how much money the council has received from overpayments at council car parking machines. This could be due to a number of factors including machines not being able to give out change.

I'd like a breakdown of the last five years, ideally by financial/tax year. If you only record Jan-Jan, that would be OK.


The figures for over-vend are based on the discrepancies between the amount of money expected compared to the actual amounts collected. These are provided in the attached excel spreadsheet for the years requested. The figures equate to approximately 2 to 3p per £1 spent in the car parks. The pay & display machines that are unable to give change have been in operation for over 10 years. There are some changes for 2014-15 that will significantly reduce over-vend. Pinfold Gate Car Park was closed in March 2013, due to the construction of Loughborough Inner Relief Road. Granby Street Car Park, which equated for 64% of all of the pay & display income received, has just been changed to a pay on foot car park, where change will be provided along with chip and pin facilities. Both of these will significantly reduce the amount of over-vend in 2014-15. The Council will continue to improve our car parks and update machines wherever possible, which will continue to reduce over-vending.
Year Cash by tariff Total cash recorded by machine Variance % difference
2009-10 £723,227 £738,195 £14,968 2.03%
2010-11 £717,307 £730,958 £13,651 1.87%
2011-12 £760,104 £774,335 £14,231 1.84%
2012-13 £823,218 £843,176 £19,958 2.37%
2013-14 £754,954 £777,301 £22,347 2.87%