Requested on
Mon 2nd June, 2014
FOI 4488
Information provided


An Excel report showing a list of all ratepayers, regardless of their rateable value, who are not in receipt of either small business rate relief or charity relief, to include the following information:-
• Name of the ratepayer;
• The address of the property;
• The post code;
• The rateable value;
• The start date on the account;
• The net rates payable figure for 2014/15;
• Property description;
• Correspondence address.


In response to the changes to the Freedom of Information Act brought in by the Protection of Freedoms Act, we will now be publishing our Business Rate information as a dataset on our webpages.  This dataset will be updated on a quarterly basis as a minimum.   The file includes whether an account is currently in receipt of any form of relief and can be sorted to highlight those with no relief.
Please use the following link to access the information and to find details of how this data may be re-used.