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Council Members Non Payment of Council Tax

Requested on
Tue 12th November, 2013
FOI 3579
Information provided


Details of all prosecutions against, and action to recover monies from, council members for alleged non-payment of council tax.

I would like this for each of the past five years (either calendar years or financial years, whichever is easier). Those five years should include the current year to date, in any case.

I realise that you might not be able to give the names of the councillors in each case (although I would prefer that information if possible).

I would however like the following details: the form the action took (prosecution, action to recover, etc); the sum sought; the date the action commenced; and the outcome.

If five years should not be possible (for cost reasons), I would accept a shorter timeframe (viz: as long as possible working back from the current year).

There is a precedent for the release of this information, viz:


There have been no prosecutions against or actions taken against any Charnwood Council Members in relation to the collection of Council Tax in the last 5 years.