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Road Kill

Requested on
Wed 13th November, 2013
FOI 3581
Information provided


We are scientists at Cardiff University running a research project termed ‘Project Splatter’ which collates data on UK wildlife roadkill locations with an aim to identifying hotspots and informing mitigation. We know local councils have a responsibility to remove roadkill from UK roads, and it would be extremely valuable to us if we could work with you somehow to get a list of any roadkills removed (ideally what was killed, where it was killed and when). These data would be highly valuable to our research and we would appreciate any records that you have.


Please find attached a list showing the location of and type of animals that have been reported to the council as killed on the road.  As you have not provided a timescale that you would like this information for, we have provided the last 12 months.  This list has to be put together manually so going back much further would take us over the appropriate fees limit for a request.