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Read our latest statement regarding today's incident in Birstall. 

Payments Under S106

Requested on
Tue 19th November, 2013
FOI 3622
Information provided


Please provide the following details for all payments received under Section 106 planning agreements:
• The value of the payment
• The purpose of the payment
• The amount of the payment that has been spent • The amount that has been committed but not spent • The amount that has not been committed or spent • The amount that has been repaid • The reason for the repayment Please provide these details for the following years:
• 2012-2013
• 2011-2012
• 2010-2011
• 2009-2010
• 2008-2009
Please also provide details of any unspent money that dates back to before 2008-9


Please find attached a document showing S106 payments, their purpose and what has been spent, committed, remains  unspent or returned.

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