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Celebs at Council Events

Requested on
Wed 4th January, 2012
FOI 1609
Information provided


I want the information dating back to January 1, 2007 and I am only after instances where a fee was paid.

Please state:

1) The date and type of event that the special guest was invited to (the list of examples above is not supposed to be an exhaustive list)

2) The name of the ‘celebrity’. Celebrity is any speaker who was paid a fee to attend – from motivational speakers through to Big Brother ‘stars’, war veterans and other notable people. An example of the type of information I am after can be found in this news story:

3) The amount that was paid.

4) If the ‘celebrity’ insisted the payment was made to a charity. (I appreciate this information may not be recorded).


Charnwood Borough Council has not paid for any celebrities to attend any council events in the last 5 years.