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CCTV Camera Locations

Requested on
Mon 13th February, 2012
FOI 1706
Information provided


I am writing to obtain details of the location of your CCTV system. In particular, I am seeking to obtain the location of each CCTV camera, in as much detail as possible.

In your response, I would be extremely grateful if you could format all data as an Excel or PDF file. I have included a model table displaying how I would like this information to be displayed below, with example answers.

Camera Location

1 (co-ordinates) 2 (GPS) 3 (street address)

Without knowing what information your authority possesses, I am looking to acquire the most accurate cameras locations possible. If your authority does not possess any of the sample data above, I would be happy to receive any information relating to the location of cameras.


Please find attached a spreadsheet showing where all Charnwood Borough Council operated CCTV cameras are located.