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Residents urged to #RecycleRight

  • #Recycleright

A new campaign is urging Charnwood residents to #RecycleRight and help not only the environment but taxpayers’ pockets as well.

Charnwood Borough Council says more than 700 tonnes of clothes and other textiles are being put into the green wheelie bins it collects each year.

And the big issue is – the Council can’t recycle them. Instead the clothes, bedding, duvets, and even cuddly toys, are being incinerated to create energy and the process costs Charnwood council tax payers £73,000 a year.

The Council has now launched the #RecycleRight campaign to urge residents to put the right items in the right bins.

Cllr Hilary Fryer, Lead Member for Cleansing, said: “We recycle 17,000 tonnes of materials a year but we still have too much of what we call contaminated waste – the wrong items in the green recycling bins.

“I would encourage people as part of our #RecycleRight campaign to think before they put their recycling in the green bins.

“Our website can tell you exactly what can and cannot go in the green bins and we’ve refreshed the information to make it as easy as possible to understand.

“The big offender is clothes and textiles. I am sure people believe they are doing the right thing and the clothes will be reused, but the reality is they won’t. It’s not a service we can offer at this time and there are other fairly easy options – take textiles to a recycling bank, give them to charity, upcycle them if you can. Whatever you do, please do not put clothes in the green wheelie bins.”

The Council has in recent years offered charity bags to homeowners to put textiles in but that is being discontinued at the end of March due to a low take-up. Last year around 10 tonnes of materials were collected through the scheme and 700 tonnes of textiles still ended up in green wheelie bins.

Instead the Council is focussing on raising awareness through the #RecycleRight campaign of what can and cannot go in the council green wheelie bins.

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