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Make sure you’re on the electoral register

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Thousands of forms are being delivered across Charnwood to make sure the electoral register is up-to-date.

The aim is to make sure that everyone eligible is registered to vote and can have their say in future elections and referendums. 

One form is being sent to every household in the borough and people are being asked to check whether the information that appears on the electoral register for those living at their address is correct. 

People can easily confirm that the information is correct by phone, post or online.

Residents aged 16-17 can also be added to the electoral register now to make sure they can vote as soon as they turn 18.

Geoff Parker, the Council’s electoral registration officer said: “Having the right to vote is incredibly important, so I would urge people to respond to the form when it arrives.

“You’ll need to either confirm the information is correct and everyone in your household is registered to vote, or let us know if there are people who need to be on the register.

 “We will be issuing reminders and carrying out visits to properties where we don’t get a response, so a quick reply will avoid repeat visits from us.

“As well as allowing you to vote, being on the register is also important if you want to apply for credit or get a mobile phone contract’.

Full details of how residents can complete the form online, by phone or by post are all contained in the document sent to them. 

Any residents who have any questions can visit or call 01509 634546.

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