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Leader's Blog: Investing for the Future

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Welcome to my first blog as Leader of Charnwood Borough Council. There are a number of ways we communicate with residents and this is going to be one of them.

I’m planning to do them every couple of months or so just to give my own personal view of things the Council is up to and what’s on the horizon.

I promise not to drone on about how fantastic everything is because life is clearly not like that and I’ll avoid politics as much as I can.

Creating a strong and lasting economy is a top priority for us and one that’s always on the agenda.

I recently learned that the Loughborough Science and Enterprise Park, in which the Council invested £500,000, has created 310 new jobs since we made that financial commitment. We know there are another 168 jobs in the development pipeline and the potential to create a further 250 jobs.

If all these opportunities are realised it will mean a £31.5 million benefit for the Charnwood economy. In total, when the enterprise park is completed it will provide between 4,000 and 6,000 jobs.

Hearing news like this gives me enormous pleasure as it’s important to have a growing economy and we are very aware we are investing taxpayers’ money. We look forward to seeing it continue to develop.

Also on the economy theme, we are currently consulting on the Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan. We want to develop the town centre so it is a vibrant place people want to visit which will also add value to the local economy.

Town centres are having to adapt as shopping habits have changed vastly in the past decade or so.

The masterplan does not mean all the things in it will definitely happen as the investment still needs to be found. However, in order to secure that investment and make the proposals happen you need a plan like this to provide a clear path for the council, investors and the community.

The consultation is open until September 22 so if you have time, please give us your views.

Finally, I’ve been invited to join a regional strategy board for the HS2 project. Now while this superfast train will not stop in our county, it will do so in nearby Nottinghamshire and it will make a massive economic contribution to our region. I think Charnwood will certainly benefit and I look forward to being involved and seeing how the project progresses.

That’s all for now. If you have any feedback, please let me know.

Cllr David Slater

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