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Annual report puts spotlight on Council performance

The annual performance report which shows the facts and figures on how Charnwood Borough Council is meeting its aims has been published.

The report highlights some of the work the Council has done across the borough in 2016-2017.

It has been designed to be easy-to-read and shows the progress made towards the authority’s three key themes outlined in the Corporate Plan leading up to 2020.

The report is broken down into the three corporate themes, and features statistics on what was achieved in that year.

Here are some of the highlights in each area:

Creating a strong and lasting economy

  • 820 new homes built in the Borough
  • 176 affordable homes delivered in the Borough
  • 45 empty homes have been returned to use
  • Stray dog collection service awarded Gold Footprint Award from RSPCA
  • 100% of industrial units deemed fit for purpose

Every Resident Matters

  • 1374 food businesses (93.5%) achieved a rating score of 3-5 on the National Food Hygiene Rating System
  • 6 burglary dwelling initiatives were delivered focussing upon the student population
  • 0% non- decency in the general needs housing stock
  • 65,983 attendances at the Town Hall
  • Increased volunteering opportunities with 8766 hours achieved

Delivering Excellent Services

  • 92.8% of residents were satisfied or very satisfied with household waste collection
  • 1 of 2 Gold Standard peer review challenges submitted to improve standards for homeless customers
  • Less than 0.5% complaints received about election and referendum process

To read the full report, visit

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