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Emergency alarm is a Lifeline for Jack, 86 and his family

  • MR Needham

A man says new equipment provided by Charnwood Lifeline is “worth its weight in gold” and provides reassurance for him and his family.

Jack Needham, 86, a retired car mechanic from Shepshed, is one of the first Lifeline customers to use a new fall detector which raises the alarm if he takes a tumble at his home.

Charnwood Lifeline is run by the borough council and provides 24-hour support to elderly or vulnerable residents and their families. Customers are given a wearable pendant and alarm system, which can be activated by pressing the pendant in an emergency.

Jack has used Lifeline since 2010 and did have a pendant, however, after having a series of falls he opted to try Lifeline’s new fall detector. 

Jack said: “My wife and I used the Lifeline service for years, but since she passed away and I’ve been on my own I’ve struggled to press the button for the alarm if I have a fall.

“Getting the fall detector has been worth its weight in gold and it’s very reassuring to know that Lifeline can call and check on me within a matter of minutes.”

The fall detector, similar to a watch, is worn around the wrist and can detect if the wearer has fallen. If a customer falls, Lifeline’s contact centre in Loughborough is alerted and an operator will contact them and their family or send a warden or the emergency services to check they’re ok.

Jacks daughter, Julie Stock said:  “Having the detector installed has given me such peace of mind because I know that if Dad has a fall then Lifeline will be there.

“I was staying with him to make sure he was OK, but it meant I was missing work because I was worried about what would happen if I left and he had another fall.

“I rang Lifeline and they came and installed the new fall detector the next day. Since then Dad’s had three falls and each time the detector has alerted the emergency response team.  

“Now I can go home and not feel worried about him because I know we’ve got that extra security.”

Councillor Paul Mercer, Lead Member for Housing said: “I’m proud of our Lifeline service. It provides invaluable support for our customers and their families and gives reassurance that help is available if it’s needed.

“We’re looking at how the service can provide additional support and our new fall detectors are the first step.

“I’m pleased that Jack and his family now feel secure as a result of having the detector installed.”

Charnwood Lifeline is available to anyone living in the borough. All you need is phone line and an electrical socket nearby.

The control operators are based in Loughborough and the mobile warden can be there to help in a very short time. A secure key safe is also fitted as part of the service so that the emergency services can access properties if necessary.

The Charnwood Lifeline personal alarm costs £205.20 per year, which is just £4 per week and a one-off installation cost of £30. The fall detector costs an additional £7 per quarter.

For more information visit  or call 01509 643970.

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