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New defibrillators available for the community

  • New Defibrillators Available for the Community

Life-saving defibrillators have been installed at two locations in Loughborough thanks to the borough council and Charnwood Tennis Club.

The equipment is now available for the community to use at the Derby Road and Nanpantan sports grounds.

While the defibrillators can be used by anyone, training is also being offered thanks to the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust, a Leicestershire heart charity set up in memory of Joe Humphries who was a victim of sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS).

Sessions are being held in September which will also cover CPR.

Chris Traill, strategic director for neighbourhoods and community wellbeing at the council, said: “We are delighted the Council has been able to fund these defibrillators which ultimately could one day save a life. They are not only there for people involved in sports but the whole community.

“We’re also delighted to be teaming up with the Joe Humphries Trust to offer training. These sessions will be hugely beneficial, particularly to anybody involved in community sport who wants to learn more about the importance of CPR and having quick access to defibrillators in case of a cardiac emergency.

“Our thanks also go to the tennis club for their support.”

Dr Mike Ferguson, trustee of the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust, said: “In the UK, 12 young people under the age of 35 die every week as a result of heart-related emergencies. JHMT is striving to address this problem by facilitating the introduction of automated defibrillators which are accessible 24/7 to the public and combining this with training in resuscitation.

“One effective way to introduce this life-saving action is to facilitate all public areas and sports clubs to have access to an AED and provide free training to these groups. Sports clubs and those responsible for public areas have a duty of care to reduce the risk of potential death from a cardiac emergency.”

The defibrillators have been paid for by the council and Charnwood Tennis Club, based at Nanpantan Sports Ground, contributed towards the cost of installation. They can be used by anyone as they give automated vocal instructions.

The two training sessions are free and available to anyone, but are particularly aimed at people involved in sport.

The first session will take place at on Wednesday September 12 at Loughborough Rugby Club House, with a second to follow at Charnwood Tennis Club on Tuesday September 18. Both sessions start at 7pm.

The sessions will be run by Joe Humphries Memorial Trust.

To book a place or for more information, please contact 01509 634592 or email

For further information on AED procurement and CPR training, go to the JHMT website